Uwazi: Is the capitation grant working?

Uwazi: Is the capitation grant working?

Vijana FM has recently been posting reports released from Uwazi on the state of education relative to investment in education in Tanzania.

Today, we are presenting Uwazi’s study on the capitation grant from the Tanzanian government. In accordance to its Primary Education Development Program (PEDP) to make primary education free since 2002, the government’s capitation grant is meant to cover administration and resource costs for this free education.

Uwazi’s study on this grant makes the following conclusions:

  1. Since 2002 the value of the capitation grant declined by over 35%.
  2. The capitation grant is insufficient to buy a minimum set of books.
  3. The amount allocated in the budget is less than that approved by PEDP policy.
  4. Some improvement is taking place.
  5. Variations in allocation do not reflect regional inequities.
  6. Not all money that is budgeted is received at the schools.
  7. The timing of capitation grant disbursements is unclear.
  8. Oversight is weak—money alone will not solve the problem.

Read the full report here:

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