Bajeti ya Bongo

Bajeti ya Bongo

Click on the image, stare at the pie-chart and try to make sense out of it.

Tembelea tovuti ya Twaweza ili ujipatie makabrasha ya bajeti za sekta mbalimbali.


Steven was born and raised in Dar es Salaam, and moved to Germany for his studies. He graduated with a BSc. in Physics (Jacobs University Bremen), and then a MSc. in Engineering Physics (Technische Universität München). Steven is currently pursuing a PhD in Physics (growth of coatings/multilayers for next generation lithography reflective optics) in the Netherlands. He’s thinking about starting his own business in a few years; something high-tech related. At Vijana FM, Steven discusses issues critical to youths in Tanzania, music, sport and a host of other angles. He’s also helping Vijana FM with a Swahili translation project.


  1. ak 8 years ago

    Maana ya “Unclassified” na “Others” ni nini?

  2. Hyperkei 8 years ago

    Umeniwahi nilikuwa nakuja na suala hilo hilo.

    Energy ni 2.81% tu! tusitarajie maendeleo kwa siku za karibuni.

  3. ak 8 years ago

    @hyperkei along with energy, i think they also think they need to re-evaluate the water and health budgets.

  4. Hyperkei 8 years ago

    Bajeti ya afya inaonyesha kwa nini watu wamejazana Loliondo.

  5. ak 8 years ago

    pia, is all of policing under “judiciary”? i’m sure military and police budgets are being accounted for… they have to be!


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