Youth to Youth Fund 2011

Youth to Youth Fund 2011

The Youth to Youth Fund, facilitated by the Youth Entrepreneurship Facility, is now accepting business proposals for 2011. Working in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, the Youth to Youth Fund “supports small-scale youth entrepreneurship development projects implemented by youth-led organizations.”

The way the Fund achieves this work is through a competitive grants program. The program aims to first identify potential entrepreneurs whose projects can improve peoples’ well-being. It then aims to provide the necessary support for these entrepreneurs to do their work. And if their work does well, the Fund assists in creating district-wide collaborations based on that work.

In 2011, the Youth-to-Youth Fund in Tanzania and Uganda will focus on Young Women’s Entrepreneurship Development. The objective of the Fund is to identify implementable project ideas that contribute specifically to the development of entrepreneurship and business opportunities for young women. In Kenya there is a Green Window for proposals that support the support the establishment or expansion of green enterprises or businesses.

Eligibility for the Fund is as follows:

  • Your project is an officially registered non-governmental, non-partisan, not-for-profit youth-led organization (funds can only be disbursed to legal entities).
  • The project manager of the proposed project must be a young person between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Your project should be based in the area it targets.

Here are a few upcoming deadlines, though comprehensive information can be found on the Youth to Youth Fund website:

July 3, 2011: Deadline for receiving short proposals
July, 2011: Notification of semi-finalist proposals
September 2011: Notification of finalist proposals

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