Five questions with Dunda’s Zaka

Five questions with Dunda’s Zaka

Dunda is a digital magazine that is published online once every 2 months (see latest issue here). It targets young East Africans by using provocative art to raise philosophical, political, economic and social concerns. Here is what Dunda’s editor, Zaka, had to say when we asked him five questions about the magazine.

Dunda Vol 3 cover

1. Why are Dunda messages so frank?

Because people here are so paralyzed with ‘political’ answers to serious concerns which let those entrusted with responsibilities to make things happen AVOID or ABUSE THAT TRUST and get away with it. I think when people get to the basics of issues without camouflage, they become efficient. Because they then understand clearly what is gained or lost by every decision made. And when things are too clear in front of people they can’t hide anymore behind the coat of ‘assumptions’ or ‘naivety’ without feeling a sense of guilt, which is a very powerful tool of correction. (Lack of) FRANKNESS is the biggest disease that is stopping us reaching our goals quickly.

2. What themes have your issues focused on so far? Why?

Dunda intends to question what we TEND to believe to be true, fair, correct and important. We try to ask people to ASK THEMSELVES questions that matters. Do they know their OPTIONS (if any)? Because choices we make are a result of our perceived truth, fair,correctness and importance. So by understanding our choices, we understand ourselves better. I could summarize ‘Dunda’ as an attempt to make people reveal their real self to themselves.

3. Where do you dream this magazine will be in 3 years?

My dream for this magazine is to be a magazine of choice for ACTIVE IDEAS to every literate East African youth. To be a first choice platform of sharing curiosity and bravery to youth reading it, commenting on it and participating with passion through it. At least to reach three quarter (if not all) of the youth population who have a Facebook account in the East African region.

4. How can young people get involved?

Young adults are the intended (core) target and they can get involved by sharing their thoughts, knowledge, concerns and their doubts on ANYTHING their mind comes across through our Facebook page and also through their circle of friends in their favorite social platforms. Culture is shared, you MUST SHARE. Question things and let the questions lead you to the truth and meaning of your life. Never allow others to decide for you. You and only you can make sense of your life. Friends and relatives can only help you on your way there, so its important to understand and share what is bugging you. It helps you grow.

5. If you were to advise school leavers, what would you tell them?

They are totally responsible for their lives, their future, their destiny (NO ONE ELSE). Not their father,not their mother, not their government or faith group or some divine creature. The world is NOTHING but what you make it to be. Sometimes you will hear people say, “You can’t change the world. This is how the world is…” but if you look clearly, there is nothing like a fixed world. The world is not fixed at all.

Every individual action contributes to how the world becomes. If you pull what you want towards yourself, it will come closer but you should also remember, there is someone else who is doing just that, pulling towards himself. If you are on opposite side with him, you must then pull harder than him otherwise you won’t get it. End of story. This action and reaction is what makes the world as it is.

If you are not pulling it to yourself, someone else is pulling, they don’t care what you want or what you deserve or what you desire. It’s never about that. So, do not expect the world to come to you, if you are not pulling it. Its within your power to decide and then everybody will end up saying “That’s how the world is” (without knowing you actually made it to behave like that by pulling). It’s not true that the world likes some people more than others, it’s people themselves who make the world like them, not the other way round. THE WORLD IS A RESULT OF OUR ACTIONS, EVERYBODY COUNTS.

Thanks for the responses, Zaka! We’re excited to see more issues and continue discussions.

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  1. Jack D 6 years ago

    This approach of this magazine is really refreshing. It comes across as unafraid of contemporary publishing and linguistic standards. But what happens when someone takes something the wrong way and goes ballistic with the “rest” of the magazines? I’m sure you have seen this happen before (eg: TZ’s prime minister talking about beating up guys doing fujo, NGO calendars being confiscated in Uganda, Sarah Pahlin’s speeches… oh Sarah’s speeches!… you get the picture).

  2. patrick 6 years ago

    aino perfect word for this. .GREAT STUFF. . .i must repeat the last part of the first answer..”(Lack of) FRANKNESS is the biggest disease that is stopping us from reaching our goals quickly.” HERE YOU HAVE REALLY MENTIONED TANZANIANS’ DISEASE VERY LOUDLY. .this is what our community is suffering from!

  3. -‘ I think when people get to the basics of issues without camouflage, they become efficient.’- Great!!

  4. Jack D 5 years ago

    @Zaka – drop us a line with ongoing publications so we can post them as updates here.

  5. zaka 4 years ago

    @Jack D – The new issue of dunda is out now, check it on this link or
    “Can humans live in inhumane conditions and still remain human?”

  6. Zaka 4 years ago

    @Jack D – Here is the latest issue of this September [DUNDA 007 – THE PRICE OF PASSIVITY AND IDEALS OF FREEDOM]. You can find it on our new website here or you can click this direct link here to the magazine itself Enjoy!

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