General Idi Amin Dada

General Idi Amin Dada

By Kate of Bomdiggity Blog

I have actually sat on this documentary for quite a while, and just recently sat through the whole 1:30 and watched it. It was well worth it as it gives you an account of Amin’s regime from his perspective (even though convoluted).

Iddi Amin was quite a hilarious fellow. Aside from growing up with Iddi Amin being the poster child for cannibalism, this film gave me insight I never had before. Not to give any spoilers, but Amin was quite the entertainer, he plays a musical instrument — who would have thought that? He had other skills besides eating human flesh, and for not having formal education he was quite intelligent and charismatic. This too was an excellent portrayal of his EGO.

This man had plans of attacking Israel with 6 outdated jet planes amongst other crazy plots you will soon discover.

He overly flexes his military weight throughout the film which makes me wish for footage of the beat down he got from Tanzania later on.

So here are a few wise words from the man himself:

To avoid hijackers do not fly Portuguese, Israeli or South African airways.

You can educate the people through traditional songs and dances.

As a pilot you must know you are not going back to your place, you must go to complete your mission unless God blesses you.

As a doctor you should be clean as a person, not drunk.

Look out for the telegram he sent Nyerere (too funny!).

For more footage here is a 29-minute feature of Idi Amin.

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