Dar es Salaam ni Sisi

Dar es Salaam ni Sisi

Naziru Ndimu, mkazi wa Mburahati, anatupa picha halisi ya mambo au shughuli mbalimbali zinazoendelea kila kukicha. Labda wengine tunapita tu mara moja moja sehemu husika, wengine tunapasikia tu, wengine tunaishi au ndugu zetu wanaishi huko, au wengine tunasoma habari juu ya vitongoji kama Mburahati; filamu hii itakusaidia kupata taswira inayokaribiana na hali halisi.

Huduma za kijamii zikoje? Huduma za afya? Wanafanyaje biashara? Je, wanajua haki zao?

Watu wa Mburahati wanakwambia ‘Dar ni Sisi’.

Bofya hapa kutazama filamu zaidi kama hizi.

Steven was born and raised in Dar es Salaam, and moved to Germany for his studies. He graduated with a BSc. in Physics (Jacobs University Bremen), and then a MSc. in Engineering Physics (Technische Universität München). Steven is currently pursuing a PhD in Physics (growth of coatings/multilayers for next generation lithography reflective optics) in the Netherlands. He’s thinking about starting his own business in a few years; something high-tech related. At Vijana FM, Steven discusses issues critical to youths in Tanzania, music, sport and a host of other angles. He’s also helping Vijana FM with a Swahili translation project.


  1. Turi 7 years ago

    I am interested to know about the context of these Maweni films. They are really good, but it is difficult to know how the film came together – Who were the actors? Who wrote the script? Is this film distributed across television channels or radio, or is it a YouTube thing? Is there a strategy behind the making of such ethnographies? Otherwise, this is a really exciting form of learning. Asanteni.


  1. Alfred’s Free Press 7 years ago

    […] Dar ni Sisi […]

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