My journey (student poem)

My journey (student poem)

Like a seed that would never grow into a plant,
I came
Although a fruitful seed,
never exploited to the correct necessities
No proper soil or water,
until came a point where they said I have no possibilities
But then light shone on me,
it was time to reclaim

With good teachers and facilitators,
soil and water was gradually provided
Through the affable people,
I adjusted
Facilities and opportunities wouldn’t be regarded
as a need anymore
A seedling I grew as,
something they would adore

Like the detrimental pests,
came the emotional breakdowns too
But with the joyful environment created,
I would simply breakthrough
AKA strands, ATL skills,
Profiles and Attributes,
was the regular water,
I would intake to be the best of me

Although I’m just a unique seedling
in this colossal garden,
away from my original roots,
but the pluralistic and diversity present in every recruit,
wouldn’t allow anyone to use family as a madden

Through the constant motivation and leadership opportunities,
I’ve grown
I’ve grown into a young plant
from a seed that once was equal to a stone
Through the good nurturing,
I’ve cultivated into a plant that stands up for himself
But that’s not where it ends

Although I’ve become a young plant
with many leaves and flowers,
I’ve to face the world,
the world that will step on me and the world that will adore me
I will strive to become enormous one day,
and when I do
Just like my gardener taught me,
I will emanate back to where my roots really are
And ripen my garden into a huge forestry one day.

— By Ziyaan Virji


The Aga Khan Academies are a system of schools being built up by His Highness the Aga Khan in nations crosswise over South and Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa is the first to be propelled. From improving pluralistic esteems in students, to get students prepared for the regularly developing world, through the Academies, His Highness looks to education of the most noteworthy quality that can get ready youngsters to lead and institute positive change on the planet that we live in.

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